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The first two episodes come from being interviewed by the folks at As I Live and Grieve.

Shamanic Perspective on Grief

Join us today as Patricia Jones and John Moir offer insight into the Shamanic perspective on grief. Often associated with indigenous or tribal societies, the origins are from Northern Europe and Asia, with a common belief that spirits exist and play an important role in both individual lives and society.

Love and gratitude to Kathy Gleason, our host.

The Five Gates of Grief

“Today we consider a different perspective on Grief with Patricia Jones and John Moir. We look at Francis Weller’s work, The 5 Gates of Grief. Understanding the different forms of our grief will help us better understand why moving through life can be at times challenging as we move through these diverse phases of grief.”

Love and gratitude to Kathy Gleason, our host.

15 minute 2 drum, recording

Recorded by Patricia Jones and John Moir.

These are some pointers from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies to help you journey successfully. Remember do not be discouraged if you do not achieve success the first time; repeated practice: may be necessary to achieve results.

1. Use headphones;
2. Do not try to journey to the drum sound if you are tired or sleepy, or have taken alcohol or mind-altering substances within the past 24 hours;
3. Lie down in a quiet, dimly lit or dark room and disconnect the telephone so that you will not be disturbed;
4. Cover your eyes with a bandana or other piece of cloth;
5. Before starting, be very clear about where you are going (e.g., Lower World), and for what purpose;
6. Adjust the drumming volume so that it is loud enough (it should be equivalent to someone beating a live drum within a few feet of you, but not so loud you experience discomfort);
7. Use your pre-selected departure point known to you in ordinary reality (as described in the book);
8. Employ the simultaneous narration technique (described later) in order to maximize the vividness of your journey;
9. Keep a journal of your experiences.

At the end of the journey, the drums are beaten four times to signal that it is time to return; then the drums are beaten very rapidly for the return journey. Finally, the drums are beaten four times again to signal that the return journey is ended and you should be back in the room where you started. Persons engaged in power animal retrieval or soul retrieval work, should not wait until the drumming is ended to return, but should do so whenever they feel it is appropriate.”

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